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Updated on Thursday, February 13


QUESTION: Anyone have any experience getting into grad school with a failed term in engineering? What if you were awarded no penalty by the registrar?

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  1. I feel like I have to say this at least twice a term here on OMGUW, but...

    The only thing that matters about getting into grad school is finding a supervisor willing to support you. Your grades don't matter if they've decided they want you on their research team.

    You should be doing everything you can to make contact with professors and getting them to know you. Do you know a prof who knows the prof you want to work with? Then ask them to help you network.

    A discussion of your grades will come up at some point, but if you're already established a rapport with that prof then you have an opportunity to explain your grades.

    Having a failed term is only a consequence if you're just submitting applications to grad schools blindly. In this case, you have no opportunity to explain your failed term to the unknown profs that may review your application package.