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Updated on Monday, February 10


QUESTION: I have an idea for a mindless indie game app. I don't know programming, code or anything. How do I go about making my game?


  1. Hire someone or learn how to code.

  2. if you hire someone, they'll run away with your idea. learning how to code is the only way

  3. Learn programming, code or anything.
    Derp derp.

  4. Learn how to code or do programming; that way, you don't end up in a situation similar to the Winklevoss twins!
    To be fair, though, the Social Network movie is completely based on the Winklevoss' perspective.

  5. Use Dandy!

  6. My experience, knowing people who do this, is that you first start a corporation. Then you hire unpaid interns on 4 month co-ops with the promise of them getting some money if the app takes off. You will need an intern programmer or two, and an intern illustrator/artist or two.

    The app will never take off, you'll make no money, and neither will your 'employees'.

    This is not a joke, this is how the app market works.