OMG UPDATE: Question? Answer.

Updated on Monday, February 10


QUESTION: What are O-Week leader interviews like? What questions do they ask, how formal are they (like what to wear), do you need to bring a resume, etc.?


  1. Depends on what kind of interviews you're talking about.

    The group interviews are very casual, last time I went it was round robin interview sessions. One session was generic questions like "What is one time you showed initiative?", "What was your favorite thing about O-week?", "What's one thing you didn't like about O-week?", etc. One session was acting out a scenario and what you would do in that situation, another was just a QA period I believe, and one was team building activities. You can wear hoodie and jeans, and no, we did not have to bring a resume.

  2. It also really depends on faculty. When I was interviewed to be a Huge for forsh week, there were a few standard questions like: "why do you feel you'd be a good Huge," "can you give us an example of when you had to solve a problem while working with a team," etc. There were also some other questions just to gauge you personality-wise, and making sure you understand the responsibilities.

    Not sure about other faculties, but our interviews are fairly informal. No unusually fancy clothes, no resumes, etc. Just show up and show your love for frosh week, and you'll be fine. :D

  3. I just had my carousel interview for O-Week the other day and it was very casual. I went in a sweater and jeans and most of the other interviewees were wearing the same. Don't be nervous, it was actually fun!