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Updated on Thursday, February 6


QUESTION: I'm in the process of writing a statement of intent for graduate school, but I'm having severe writer's block. Does anyone know what admissions committees are looking for and where I could get someone to look it over? The area of study is public health. Thanks... :)


  1. Talk about how your personal, academic and work experiences have all come together to make you sure of your decision to go into public health. If you have a unique short story that further shows how much you like the field of study/why you're an excellent candidate, definitely throw that in somewhere near the start. No one can really tell you what to write though, the statement is all about you. (I understand how hard it can be to get started on your statement though, I just finished mine last month for grad school in something else)

    I think you can schedule a session with ceca to look over your statement. Also, just ask your friends and family to read/edit it and tell you if anything's missing. I had my sister edit mine and the changes she made vastly improved it.

    1. Oh and try not to write cliche things that admissions people have probably seen tons of times (e.g., a quote at the start, saying the word "passionate" too many times, etc.)

  2. Master of Public Health? I'm currently working on a statement of intent for it as well.

  3. Go to the Centre for Career Action (1st floor of the Tatham Centre under the staircase area) and ask them for help.
    They literally have binders of successful letters of intent for a bunch of different areas.

  4. what you need is a nice blunt, all your thoughts will come flowing