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Updated on Tuesday, February 4


QUESTION: How often do wear an article of clothing before you launder it. Feel free to specify articles of clothing and season.


  1. T-shirts, socks, and undergarments: 1 day
    Sweaters or dress shirts: ~4-6 times (depending on activity level)
    Jeans: Once every 14-18 days
    Winter jackets: Once every year

  2. idk whenever I go home. some things get worn a lot

  3. A t-shirt might only last half a day in the Summer but go for three or four days in the Winter, depending on level of activity. Additional top layers during the cold months I wear until they get something on them.Jeans get washed once they either start to smell or are visibly dirty. Anything I've sweated heavily in get's tossed in the laundry right after I take it off.

  4. Tops and dresses - two days
    Hoodies and jeans - three days
    Bras - a week
    Undies - a day
    Jackets - one or two years
    PJs - a week

    1. I agree with most of those, but I usually wear tops, hoodies and jeans for a few more days.

    2. How do you tell when you've worn a bra for a week?! I always forget how long I've gone without washing. I mean, I don't think anyone wears the same one for an entire week straight...

  5. Underwear and socks - one day
    Tshirts - when they start to stink... two or three days
    Pants - when I can smell them sitting down... >three days
    Work coveralls - two days
    Lingerie - whenever I feel sexy
    Jacket - twice a season

  6. If you think that t-shirt's still okay, smell test and you may change your mind.

  7. Undershirts and Tee's: once
    Dress shirts: 1-2 times depending on time and activity
    Casual shirts: Once
    Sweaters: 4-5 times
    Trousers: 4-5 times
    Jeans: 5-7 times
    Blazer: 10-30 times
    Undergarments: Once

  8. Boxers,a-shirt/wifebeater/vest - 1 day
    T-shirt - 1 day
    Shirts - 1 day
    Jeans - 1 to 2 weeks (probably gets worn 3 - 4 times in the 2 week period)
    Hoodies - once in 2 weeks
    Jackets - once a year

  9. socks, undies - 1 day
    bras - usually rotate 2 or 3 in one week and wash them all at the end of week
    jeans - 2 weeks and wear them about 3 times
    dress pants/skirts - 2-3 times
    casual tops - usually 2 times
    sweaters/hoodies - about 4 times
    clubbing wear - once only