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Updated on Sunday, February 2


QUESTION: How are the job prospects for Uwaterloo Enviromental Engineering grads?


  1. Most environment and geo engineers I met ended up dropping out or switching to civil. I don't think it's worth it.

    Go into something more broad and apply that to accomplish environmental engineering feats. Most environment engineering jobs will involve surveying or green building technology, which you can just do through civil engineering.

    I myself am in Mechanical, but I strongly recommend civil if you're interested in environmental.

    1. Too bad that you only meet loser in life. People tend to attract those that are similar to them. You must be either a repeat or a drop out of some sort.

    2. @1: Civils don't specialize in environmental engineering. They take more structural and material courses than environmental engineers. If OP is interested in solving environmental problems associated with air, land, and water, going into civil doesn't help.
      Besides, who are you to say that most enviros and geos are drop outs? Stop talking already, idiot.

  2. Job prospects are great! I'm in 3rd year now and everyone in my class has been getting awesome jobs with consulting firms, municipalities, or well established companies like GE. The nice thing about environmental engineering is that it's so broad that you can work in the area of air pollution reduction, water treatment, sustainable energy, or contaminated land remediation. If you are into improving the environment, definitely go into it! Also, everyone in the program is super friendly and genuinely helpful. It's a bunch of tree huggers that are passionate about saving the environment :)

    Oh did I mention the ratio of girls to boys in that program? If you are a guy, you'll be surrounded by nice girls who've got both beauty and brains. If you are a girl, plenty of sisters to make you feel that you belong!