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Updated on Monday, January 27


QUESTION: How do you find a hobby to pass the time? I dont do anything other than watch tv and read and school stuff, but Id like to do something that involves meeting people.


  1. join poker studies club

    1. @1: You sound like someone I know...

  2. Dance.. tons pf clubs teach on campus from the ground up

  3. Bowyering. Make something with your hands

  4. Choose something you think you would like to try out. Something in the arts? Perhaps drawing, painting, writing/poetry or sculpting. Something physical? Look at some amateur sports or martial arts. Something in tech? Look up computer clubs or electronics clubs, perhaps RC clubs. Movie clubs, Book clubs, bring back swinging.

    Myself, I took up drinking. Found myself being quite good at it. Meet quite a few people.

  5. I can recommend swing dancing at the UW Swing Dance club and at Hep Cats in Uptown Waterloo.

    Also, if the ukulele club ever gets up and running again, that is awesome.

    Going out to lectures that you are interested in can be fun too. The Daily Bulletin often lists the lectures on campus.

    If you're not sure what you like to do, then go out and do a bunch of things, and see which ones appeal.