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Updated on Monday, January 27


QUESTION: How do you feel about girls leading the way in most situation? It seems like I who always take charge and/or lead the way with guys. Would you view that as control freak or it's just confidence?


  1. fine by me. don't have to think too much

  2. Take the lead in what way...

    If you mean making the first moves in the relationship, sure, cool.

    If its just you deciding what we do, whats acceptable behaviour/what's not, than you're a mother, not a girlfriend.

  3. Who cares? If the other person won't take the lead then it's yours.
    That's like when people sit around and say "what should we do?" "I dunno, what do you wanna do?"
    Nothing wrong with being the one who takes the initiative.

  4. The guys you are seeing are fags. Real men lead.

  5. Depends. In some cases it can be attractive. In others, not so much. I'd love it if a girl has as much of a voice as I did about where to eat, what to do to pass the time together, what to try in bed, etc. It doesn't need to be exactly equal empirically, but enough that either one of us can initiate if the other is out of ideas.

    However, where it becomes unattractive is if she starts telling me what to wear (anywhere), what to do in my own time, or making decisions about my life without asking me.