OMG UPDATE: Question? Answer.

Updated on Monday, January 27


QUESTION: Is anyone actually going to vote against having the GRT bus pass included in our tuition?


  1. Maybe some of the board members who voted to have a referendum will vote against it.

  2. I hope we keep it, how can we vote if we are on co-op?

  3. History Time!

    They original vote for the bus pass never got %100 support. So why would you think there wouldn't be people who would vote against it this time too?

    The difference about this time is that there are people who are now aware they're paying a large fee for a service they don't want / use. So you may actually have more people turn out to vote against it.

    However, by and large, the bus pass is likely to stay.

  4. In theory it's good but it would be nice if there was a way to opt out of it or something. I have to drive to school from where I live so I'm probably paying a lot of extra money unnecessarily for that

  5. Christ people at this school are chincy as hell. No problem paying more and more through your literal butthole for tuition and overpriced books but god forbid they ask for >$100 to pool for a practical service that the vast majority of students use AT least once a week.

  6. I agree with 4... it would be nice for those who drive in to be able to opt out of the bus pass, given that they are (probably) paying for parking and will likely rarely need to use the bus.