OMG UPDATE: Question? Answer.

Updated on Sunday, January 26


QUESTION: This is my last year and I got really bad marks during first and second year. Does this mean I will not get accepted to grad school, even if my marks are good now?


  1. depends on the school and program, go do research

  2. There are many programs that only consider the last two years, some even the last 10 courses. Most prestigious programs look at everything, but it's definitely possible for you to go to grad school. Look up interesting programs right now.

  3. Not to sound like an asshole but the answer to your question can easily be found by googling grad school programs and reading their requirements instead of jus asking it on omguw and getting random responses from students who may or may not be qualified to giving you advice on the matter. As well, the fact that you even posted it on here without finding the answer for yourself kinda means you might not be smart enough to even get into grad school if you do stupid shit like this...

    1. you're a dick. i hope your dog dies

  4. A lot of grad schools only look at the last couple years, it shouldn't be a major issue.

  5. Shouldn't be a big problem

  6. i almost failed 1b. my 2nd year was in the 70s. i graduated with distinction and now doing engineering grad school. you'll be fine.