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Updated on Friday, January 24


QUESTION: is a minor in computer science helpful?


  1. Gets you farther in life than a major in art history!

  2. You're asking the wrong questions, my friend.

    Do you like computer science? Can you use it with agility? In the types of projects you foresee in the future, do you see yourself using it?

    Then yes, it is useful.

    If you just want something written on your transcript but you're really not interested in maintaining your skills and applying them in your career, then it will be of limited value.

  3. Are you in Geomatics? Then yes, do it, its only two math courses and you get the minor.

  4. The non-major courses are all useless.

    1. Going to have to disagree with this. The courses teach useful concepts (except for CS 330; never take this course), but they go _way_ too slow. I could have done most of these courses in 2 weeks, rather than 12. All of the non-major courses are a joke in terms of difficulty, however.

      Your comment really doesn't surprise me though. I've seen a lot of your other comments, and you come across as a huge tool. But then again, maybe you're cool in person, but just act like a huge fag on the internet.

  5. If you already have a decent amount of programming experience, a CS minor is a joke. I never got below a 90 and basically never tried, with the exception of CS 370.