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Updated on Thursday, January 23


QUESTION: Is there anyone in Phys 175L section 2 that's socially awkward/has low self esteem that can be my partner later? I have to take it again because I missed 3 of the labs the first time. I went to the individual labs, but I started freaking out about the partner ones and getting bad anxiety and I just didn't go...
I would love if there was someone quiet & non judgmental who could be my partner this time around so that I don't feel so nervous about going.


  1. Hey. I had horrible anxiety and felt really uncomfortable when I didn't know anyone in my lab as well. I went to counselling and it helped me quite a bit! Instead of looking for a new lab partner, maybe you should try to get over your bad anxiety habits... Just a suggestion - good luck!

    1. 1 is right. I'm sorry you have social anxiety, but life involves dealing with people, and university is only a small fraction of that. If you avoid dealing with your real problem, things aren't going to turn out very pretty.

  2. I too have social anxiety, and I don't think that reaching out in advance to find a partner for the labs is a bad thing at all. You are taking a step to try to make this round better, and that is great!
    If you don't get a response through here, remember that breaking the ice is the hardest part. Getting through the first few labs will be tough, but you can do it! And you will do a great job!
    Keep your head up and remember, everyone else is in the same boat when trying to meet new people.

    (and don't forget to breathe)

  3. Hi i wish i was able to take that class this term bc i wanted to but it was at the same time as one of my required courses and now i am bummed even more bc i wish i could be your lab partner! hang in there and try to focus on the lab itself instead of other people. physics labs give me major anxiety anyway because i always panic about time constraints and feel like everyone knows what they're doing except me when that isnt the case at all. maybe you could talk to your TA in that class about your social anxiety or even go to accessibility services and talk to someone about it, they might be able to arrange something for you. don't listen to anyone telling you to just "get over it" because they do not understand how truly crippling and terrifying social anxiety can be. i get really anxious at school too and sometimes if i'm late for class i won't even go because i'm too anxious to walk in late and have people look at me haha.
    keep your head up! you aren't alone. good luck in figuring things out! u can do it :)

  4. Long-term Solution: Counseling on campus is free for students.