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QUESTION: Can someone please summarize what this whole counselling services saga is about?


  1. evidently no. do your own reading lazy ass.

  2. Counselling Services Saga summary part A
    Okay I'll give Counselling Services summary a try. From what I've read, and I'm sure I'm missing a lot that hasn't come out:
    - UW students and staff are concerned that Counselling Services is not safe for women, given the unpunished sexual harassing counsellor in a senior role there, and CS leadership that enables him.
    - a senior CS counsellor (Mr M) was found guity of sexually harassing a psychologist (Dr M) who works there by a Human Rights Tribunal. UW cleared him though a police investigation and a human rights tribunal found him guillty. UW took no action against him and he still works there unrestricted.
    - some campus women are afraid to go to CS given they may get seen by the perpetrator or step into an environment that's just unsafe for them, given many conflict of interests.
    - the HRTO believed Dr M way more than anyone else, but there's concern the HRTO didn't have the balls/backbone to reprimand university administration.
    - the HRTO denied all Dr M's requested public safeguards to keep UW female students/staff systemically safe (see link to the HRTO decision somewhere) based on what was done to her and Dr W.
    - Dr M also saw Mr M perform oral sex on another psychologist at CS (Dr W) through her clothes while Dr W was drunk at a work event. Dr W said she didn't recall and didn't press charges.
    - after the police investigation the police tried to caution Mr M but Mr M somehow was able to avoid that
    - UW would not investigate claims of many reprisals by UW and the head of the department (Dr R) and Mr M against Dr M for reporting the harassment.
    - Instead UW reprimanded Dr M for making the claims and required her to re-establish a professional relationship with the perpetrator.
    - The UW investigation decision to clear Mr M was made by Dr R, head of Counselling Services. Dr R is the person Dr M
    - the HRTO would not investigate the reprisal claims and said UW didn't have to either since they said Dr M made the claim incorrectly.

  3. Counselling Services Saga summary part B
    - Dr M asked the HRTO to reconsider. The same HRTO person said he did fine the first time and denied her request.
    - a key CS Associate Director position was posted last year but is still not filled. Dr M already claimed that the Mr M has power over her, that allowed him to intensify and broaden her punishment.
    - People are concerned that given the CS director's siding with Mr M, that Dr R will give the Associate Director role to Mr M or one of his enablers. This would make Dr M's situation more dire.
    - there's concern that Dr M is being shunned by fellow staff with the tacit approval of CS management and UW senior staff.
    - the UW community is trying to find out several facts about the case and UW's lack of making Dr M and women at UW safe.
    - other complaints about Counselling Services leadership from other peer departments on staff and students
    - from an Imprint article the perpetrator represented Counselling Services in 2011 on a sexual safety panel before a town hall.
    - questions about inappropriate hiring practises in CS, lack of accountability, and neglect by senior UW administrators in oversight roles.

    People have talked about how to:
    - show their support for Dr M and organize to take some sort of action to protect female UW students and staff
    - clean up the management mess once and for all
    - make sure that whoever gets the CS Associate Director role isn't an enabler of Mr M but someone who can really protect female students seeking counselling, and staff (rather than giving weasel words), and Dr M.
    - make sure the hiring process and detailed information (such as who's applied and who gets a say) is transparent to UW students
    - get a copy of the police report through access to information laws
    - people don't trust UW to give straight answers ("due to privacy") and are trying to get information through non-official ways
    Okay I'm tired but I find it all fascinating and concerning. There's a lot more but you can read other OMG's/ASK's and many other links on the topic in those. Just search for them. The HRTO decisions give the names of the people above and others involved.

    1. Oh god, that's all so creepy. Never going into counseling, ever!

  4. re oral sex Mr M at counselling services said he was "down on one knee before Dr. W with his hands on her hips shaking his head in a light hearted gesture to signal that she should not leave", according to the HRTO writeup.

    1. that was his defence? what was he doing down there on her? Okay so I'm trying to picture this ... he says he's on his knees in front of her with his hands on her hips shaking his head ... on her nether regions?

      How was he trying to get her to keep from leaving, by turning her on with his nose?

  5. Wow. I'm never going to counselling services