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Updated on Thursday, January 23


QUESTION: Has anyone ever fallen in love with their good/best friend.... and then gotten into a fight with them, where you no longer speak, but still continue to love them? I know this sounds all mushy, but i can't seem to get over him, even though I'm mad at him, but still care a lot.


  1. Yeah :P

    But here are some things I'd want you to know. My best friend didn't, and still doesn't know I liked her. But even after we kind of got into fights we still talked. Just that recently I'm trying to maintain distance because I want to get over her- and it's working.
    Usually the fights were over stuff like how she doesn't have time for me and how she never puts in an effort towards our friendship.
    But most of the time, not always, it was a result of my higher expectations due to my feelings towards her. And yes, it was usually me being bad, but I couldn't get enough of her. Just talking to her would make my day. So I would make up for the shit and go back to talking to them.

    In my case though, there is no us. She's dating someone else. She's probably straight (I'm a girl and bisexual, I never figured out about her) and the last time I heard from her, she was really happy :)
    So I decided to let go because holding on won't get me anywhere and I'd mostly end up hurting myself. Also she's a pretty awesome person but our friendship by itself wasn't as great. I mean we would get along and respected each other but some ends were loose and we shared different interests in life. We were moving our ways, just that I decided to actually push her away for our own good.

    I'd say you should move on too. Maybe even assess just your friendship with the other person and see if it's worth maintaining at all. Cutting connection helps. Even if you feel you cannot live without them, you will. Just take baby steps.
    You aren't talking to them ATM. Use it to your advantage to get over them.

    I hope it helps :)

    1. You sound like a very mature person

  2. Yes OP. I fell in love with a close friend and she was my first girlfriend. We had a fight over our future and didn't talk for a while. After that I found out she was killed in an accident and I still blame myself for it.

    Shit happens. If you two are not talking because of some bullshit reason I say be the better person and make an attempt to connect again. If they are abusive or the like, drop them, but it's up to you to decide if you wish to salvage what you had or not. Life will go on. You both choose if you want to include each other or not.

    1. If this actually happened, I am going to give you a virtual hug. I am sorry and the guilt must be terrible to live with. Just because of a stupid argument. Make sure you never ever let it happen again:)

  3. Yes, for 2 terms me and my friend constantly talk, text and even skyped each other everyday. I was like in deep lover with her because I would think of her everyday. The sad part is she has been dating some other guy ( that I believe doesn't really even care about her), so I thought I would still be happy if I could just stay by her side to see and talk to her everyday. But as time past, my feelings for her grew stronger and stronger and eventually it just started to hurt me. It hurt me because although I always wanted to talk to her, she probably just treated me as a replacement for the absence of her bf. I just couldn't deal with it anymore. So earlier this term I just spilled my feelings for her that i hid for so long and said I gotta move on and to do that is to forget you. At first it was painful because I suddenly lost her in my life, but now its getting better and i feel better! But i still think of her some times...