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Updated on Wednesday, January 22


QUESTION: How much is your electricity bill?
I live in a 1200 sq ft. apartment with 2 roommates and we pay about $30/person per month. Is that normal?


  1. :| That's odd. I live in a five person apartment and between all of us its about 20 bucks/2 months each.

  2. First month in kw4rent with 5 dudes came out to be 30 bucks split among ourselves.

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  4. $90 total for in a 1200 sq ft apartment is normal.

    If you feel like its too high, take a few steps to reduce your energy usage, - make sure lights are off when not in the room
    - leave electronics off when not using them
    - make sure the place is well insulated (can have a huge impact on your monthly bill)

    1. Thanks for the reply. We are taking those steps and have never turned on the heat except when it was -33 degrees a few weeks ago. I even shower in the dark with just a night light so we don't have to turn on the fan and the main bathroom light. And most of our usage is in the off-peak hours (currently 7pm-7am).

  5. My hydro bill is highly dependent on the season because I have baseboard heaters.

    650sqft apt in an older building, I pay about $50/mo in the summer and $100/mo in the winter. I don't have any roommates to split with.

    1. Yeah, gas heating vs. electric heating makes a huge difference. Insulation too.

  6. Think about plugging everything into a power bar or everything that doesn't have to be on while you are away and then we you are leaving for the day kick off the power bars. You would be amazed how much power things use even when not turned on, even those wall adapters and chargers with nothing connected to then? They are still using 5 watts. Google search phantom power and you can read more about it, saves more money than trying to do laundry at midnight off peak. If you buy one of those kill-A-Watt meters you can see for example that some appliances, TV's, Cable boxes and computers use almost the same amount of power when turned off.

    I would totally look at using power bars before anything else including even paying attention to peak and off peak. If you are good at math try figuring out how much or how little you would save with on peak vs off peak and I think you will find you save a lot more with everything plugged into power bars and OFF for all the hours you are not at home.

    Electricity is going to get a lot more expensive, big time expensive because as more people cut back to save money the government raises the rates to at the end of the say the same about is rolling in to the coffers to pay the executives.

    This happened with water as well, everyone trying to save the planet and conserve water has resulted in some cities losing their shirts so now there is an aggressive plan to increase water rates every year and by a lot.

    Why do you think all the hydro companies run ads telling you not to buy their product?, they run ads telling you do reduce you consumption, they have programs like peak saver that turns off your AC and other major appliances when you need them most, on the hottest days of the year.

    What other company or industry tells you not to buy or to buy less of their product? Think about it. It's because if we all buy less, their revenue starts dropping and they then have the facts to go to the OEB and get the rates upped again.