OMG UPDATE: Question? Answer.

Updated on Tuesday, January 21


QUESTION: One of the people in the house I'm living in keeps smoking inside the house. We have ask him to smoke outside and he agreed. But I'm sure he is still smoking inside. The whole hall way smells. He just sticks a towel under his door to try to block the smell. What should I do?


  1. Get a sheet of wood, and put it at the bottom of his door. Angle it so that the lowest point is at the bottom of the door, about 2 cm from the door. Pour a bucket (or multiple) of water down the sheet of wood, under the door. For more fun, pour gas under, light it, and hope the cops don't find you.

  2. Don't live with them again.

    Some people are assholes.

    Make sure you know the people you're going to live with before moving into a multiple unit place. Try your best to live with a few acquaintances / friends, people with whom you have some knowledge of their habits.

  3. You should tell the landlord.