OMG UPDATE: Question? Answer.

Updated on Tuesday, January 21


QUESTION: I have played a couple of intramurals with a girl I have a severe crush on last Fall. She is on my Facebook. Would it be okay to ask her out? We have hardly spoken to each other other than a birthday wish.


  1. Maybe just talk to her slowly and then take it from there (:

  2. Start talking to her, become her friend, and than... uhh... I'm not sure.

  3. Go for it. Just say something along the lines of "hey long time no see, would you want to hang out..." It could just be casual, without any expectations of it being a date. It could even be a group thing, like inviting her to some party. (Take it slow and get talking to her in real life, and then ask her out for real later)

  4. OP again -

    How do I randomly start a conversation?
    She's in recreation and leisure, I am in engineering, we have not talked more than 10 words in 5 months

    1. Are you both on campus? Do you have mutual friends from intramurals?

      See if you can find a way to bump into her in real life. Like... if you can tell from her Facebook that she's going to a Bomber night / running an event for her faculty / going to a party with mutual friends / playing a pick-up ball game, then go too! Bring your group of friends, so it won't be awkward. :)