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Updated on Thursday, January 16


QUESTION: Any recommended dentists in the region for Wisdom teeth extraction?


  1. Laurelwood Family Dentistry at the Sobey's plaza (Fischer Hallman and Columbia). Dr. Heather Stone is awesome.

  2. King Street Dental at King and Victoria is great! My roommate and I both got ours out there with no problems. They also automatically deal with the school's health plan and give you 10% off if you use the school's plan. The staff there are super friendly too.

  3. ive always hated the dentist until i started seeing one close to conestoga mall.. honestly he's so nice and he's got these really weird techniques that he's come up with that are supposed to minimize pain and are just so damn interesting
    his name is dr khurram ashraf (sp?).. google that he's got a website i think

  4. coronation dental fixed an extraction that was botched by my regular dentist. I would recommend them for any dental surgery.