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Updated on Wednesday, January 15


QUESTION: If you've taken Math 128 in the fall I would appreciate any impressions or thoughts you have about what that was like.. It's been 2+ years since I took Math 127... Anyone take Math 128 last semester (F'13) and can tell me what it was like?


  1. You're going to want to review the end of 127, specifically the intro to integration. You're given like one lecture of review and then you jump right into integration by parts and trig integrals. I also took it about two years after 127 and I'm really thankful I actually reviewed the material from before.

    As for the course content itself, I found that it started off hard (integrals and applications), then got easier (parametric and polar curves), then got hard again at the end (infinite series). I did fairly well but that's only because I busted my ass keeping up with the material.

    Good luck.

  2. If you change the "a" in math to an "e" this post actually becomes worth someone's goddamn time.

  3. I think it entirely depends on the professor (unfortunately). I took that course with Dr. M*****x, which turned out alright.