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Updated on Monday, January 13


QUESTION: any advice on how to bring the sparks back to your relationship after you've been together for 4 years?


  1. Try new things together and show them a new side of yourself. Honestly, 4 years isn't a ridiculously long amount of time.

  2. Maybe you could grind metal together?

  3. Start dating each other again. If things have gone cold it might be time to get reintroduced and find something new to do together. Check out a new type of food, maybe try cooking new things every week together. Go do a new activity together like hiking, skating, arts (if you're into that). It doesn't have to expensive or complex, but just make sure you're making time to do something together.

  4. butt plugs and wigs

  5. This better not be my boyfriend...

  6. relationships die when one or more people in the relationship stop trying...
    do the things that you would when your first trying to get someone to like you.

    People get complacent, people stop trying as hard, because it's so easy to take advantage of familiarity. Same goes for friendship basically, but honestly if you want something long lasting and the excitement to last, treat each other progressively better, and the sparks will never die.

    1. learned this lesson the hard way after getting busy with other things and consequently not doing things she loved about me anymore

      fuck everything at the moment.

  7. Try a new sex position. Works wonders. Put effort into sex and dating again, don't get stuck into the routine of missionary sex and considering sitting around at your apartment a proper date. Really does wonders for getting the passion going again.

  8. Do something physical together outside, regardless of the season. If you can go for a walk on a winter's day or night together, that's bonus. Talk about what each of you sees, the little things, the magic in the mundane.

    Is there a sport for two you both can try? Tennis or badminton?

    Board games together, or board game parties can be fun too. Try Ticket to Ride.