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Updated on Monday, January 13


QUESTION: So, looks like I'm not going to find a job for this term, what can I do to make the best of my 4 months off?

What should I learn (C, AutoCad, etc.) that would make me more employable (in Science)


  1. to each their own

  2. programming would open a lot of doors. java probably, dunno

  3. Certainly any programming is a boon. You could also take a DE (or on campus) course or two to get ahead in your schooling. You could even take a whole academic semester. Another idea is volunteering in a lab, thus getting you experience and an in for next co-op, or at least a reference letter.

    Ask a career counselor or upper-year student as well as this site. The more input the better.

  4. Talk to your favourite profs and find out if they need a research assistant. The money isn't glamorous, but you'll develop network connections, gain some good experience, and hopefully a little money.

  5. Keep looking for jobs too! finding your first job is brutal, especially in science. But if you make it through, its worth it because your actually employable when you graduate!