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Updated on Monday, January 13


QUESTION: why do guys not follow up after a date? or after a few days of not texting or talking to each other? Does that mean that he is just not that into the girl?


  1. Are you expecting him to do something you yourself are not doing? Then we have a problem.

    If you're following up and he's still not responding then he's likely either busy or not interested. Either way, give him a bit of space.

  2. Usually if I exchange numbers with a girl I'll wait a couple days to text her. Whats the rush?

  3. I've never had a guy not follow up with me after a date. I'll either get a text a couple hours after the date (if we had known each other for a while or were friends before the date) and or a couple days late (if it was a 1st date with someone that I'm just getting to know).