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Updated on Wednesday, January 8


QUESTION: I'm on my second co-op term and I'm in third year. It feels like I'm not doing any significant work during my co-op terms. I'm in AFM I work for the government, I just do regular Bank reconciliations and stuff like that. Is this just me or have others experienced the same thing?


  1. Yeah, don't work for the government.

  2. Ask for more work and/or responsibility, do better quality work in order to be trusted with more responsibility, learn new skills to be qualified to take on more responsibility, talk to your boss about taking on more work and/or responsibility, and if all else fails find a better co-op job next term.

  3. It is fairly simple. Take on projects that interest you and that will be to the betterment of the division you are in. For instance, while working for the government I was able to convince my supervisor that I could build (while they would fund) an automated system (despite no previous experience) and had a fun time designing, building and coding an Arduino-powered system. As long as your suggestions are reasonable and not too costly, managers are generally interested in what 'exceptional' addition you can provide.
    If you can't make something physical, I've even gone so far as to ask people in different areas about issues with their computers or the software system in use that they had. I generated a lot of respect when coming back with some time-saving solution specifically tailored to them.

    tldr; If you find you have free time, help someone else out - it's rewarding.

  4. Do everything in your power to not work for the government on your next workterm. The rest of the world sees that and thinks LAZY MOFO...