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Updated on Monday, January 6


QUESTION: Co-op Question:

Employer cancelled my job a couple of days ago. I was supposed to start on Monday. The reason was apparently their investors pulled out and they couldn't afford me any more. I have no idea if this is true at all; it's a very early stage startup.

Are there any consequences for them doing so? I know CECA always takes the side of the employer so they won't tell me.

What can I do to get the most out of the employer instead of just being told I'm screwed?


  1. I think you're actually screwed. Read the contract you signed, I doubt there are any helpful clauses.
    Also, lesson learned, don't go for early stage startups without a backup plan.

  2. there's nothing you can do buddy. you're screwed.

  3. If it is local see if you can work for volunteer to build some experience until you can find an actual paying job.

  4. I saw this on reddit.

  5. I guess one thing you could do is get a assurance from the employer (maybe in writing) that they will attest that they hired you and they had to cancel the job (not based on your performance).

    This will tell future employers that you were a victim of circumstance and not that you weren't good enough to get a job.

  6. Check the contract carefully. Start legal proceedings if you find any holes in the contract. Good luck!

  7. In addition to the above, talk to CECA ASAP so that they can get on trying to find you a job. Also look for jobs---talk to profs, see if they'll take on an emergency research assistant!