OMG UPDATE: Question? Answer.

Updated on Monday, January 6


QUESTION: I am signed up for a regular Research Methods course; it shows this on Quest, but this course is not listed with my other courses on LEARN. So.. I still need the lecture slides! ha
Anyone else experienced this over the past couple of years? What does it mean?


  1. One possibility is that you didn't cover your term fees. Although if that's the only class not showing up on Learn, talk to the prof.

  2. Profs have to create the LEARN page in advance in order for it to appear. I would bet a few bucks that they are either new and behind the curve or old enough they don't give a fuck. Either way, it will probably show up soon.

  3. If you are in SDS 251R section 3, the prof mentioned that Learn would have it up and running this morning.