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Updated on Saturday, January 4


QUESTION: What is the average cost of a first date?


  1. It really depends what you call a date. A good first encounter is something that doesn't come off too strong like going to Starbucks or some other coffee shop (Timmies isn't really a good choice, try a higher end one). You could certainly keep this under $20. If that goes well consider a real date like dinner/movie. Chances are as a student you can get away with casual eat in restaurants like The Works, East Side Mario's etc. A 2 person bill (with no alcohol; don't drink on a first date) at a place like this would be about $40. A lot of people go dutch now (or at least pay their own meals), but this is better after you've established an actual relationship. Movie dates cost $30 - $40 including drinks and snacks. Eating at a nicer restaurant is about $70-100. Usually what my girlfriend and I do is dinner then a movie. One of us gets the movie and one of us gets the dinner.

  2. It depends on the situation. The cheapest date I've been on was a coffee date, and the most expensive was 300ish for dinner and drinks. I'm a girl, although I always offer, it's normally free.

  3. I would highly reccomend going to Symposium for a dinner date on Thursdays. For a three course meal for two it's only $40 and the food, atmosphere, and service is amazing.

  4. Depends how well you know the person and if it is a legit (both parties are aware that it is a date).

    If (traditional) guy paying; full day (noon to evening):
    -cafe (coffee/drinks/snacks) ~20$ for two
    -lunch (opt) ~40$
    -entertainment (choose 1): movie ~25$ ish, local theatre ~150$ ish, theatre ~300$, arcade ~40$, home 0$
    -shopping/hanging-out (opt): window shopping 0$, 1-2 clothes ~50$, winter ~100+$, electronics ~inf
    -car (opt) ~80$ (rental)
    -dinner: 100$, dating a cook 0$ (groceries)
    **but any individual item can count by itself as a first date... (this is more like a list of options and/or BIG ANNIVERSARY dates for couples.
    ***if the girl splits the costs... good for you sister!

    1. I always thought people should go Dutch??? I don't understand why guys (and sometimes girls) need to cover everything

    2. 7.b It's just traditional from when only men worked, so they had all the money. I still usually pay just because I make significantly more than my girlfriend does, though she sometimes insists she pays.

    3. @7a, people should split, but I think it depends on the dynamics of the relationship, and who has disposable income

      This is for me personally, so don't throw tomatoes at me please. I sincerely believe that the first few dates should be paid by the guy. This isn't a money issue, or that I feel that I'm entitled to be paid for because I'm female. It's the way I was brought up, and I have very traditional values, so if the guy takes me up on my offer to split the first date, then it tells me that they don't hold the same values. I'm okay with paying or splitting after the first few dates though

    4. Guys on dates think they should pay for a girl's shopping?? I've never had a guy offer to pay for stuff I buy while shopping and I would never expect them to.

      And $100 for a dinner is pretty damn expensive.