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Updated on Saturday, January 4


QUESTION: Have you ever or heard of anyone who was allowed to rewrite their final exam? What was the circumstance?


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    1. unless you count retaking the course that is

  2. Yup. I had two friends who slept to their exams, then emailed the professor, and were allowed to write it at a different time

  3. I once somehow missed two pages on an exam and the professor contacted me about it and allowed me to come back and finish it on a different day!
    Not a rewrite, but still very nice.

  4. I have never heard of this being allowed.

    In order to re-write, you would need to show some really good reason. For example, if you had a seizure during the actual final. Or if you extremely, visibly sick during the final. If you had clear symptoms of food poisoning during the final. Etc.

    The idea here is that the TA and or Prof would have seen what a horrible state you were in at the exact time of writing the final and offer some sort of make up option.

    I had a friend at another university who noticed that a classmate was having a seizure during a final. For whatever reason the TA did nothing, so she and another classmate took action, called their equivalent of the campus response team, and got him help. My friend was not given extra time to finish her exam.

    Universities are stupidly bureaucratic about their finals.