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Updated on Friday, January 3


QUESTION: How do you come over the height different (more than a foot) when having sex?


  1. Should be pretty easy, just tell him to put his penis near your forehead and aim as far as he can.

  2. you mean overcome... or cum over... if the latter then point your dick upwards and hope it goes over ur giant girlfriend

  3. Most positions shouldn't really be hindered by a large height difference.
    The only one I can think of that might be an issue would be face to face, missionary if you want to kiss while fucking.

    If the girl is smaller, try picking her up and fuck her while standing.
    It's really hot

  4. As someone with a short girlfriend, it probably makes sex easier. Get to pick her up and switch positions easier.

  5. My boyfriend is a foot and a half taller and we really don't have trouble. I love being on top (and all the variations), doggy style, spooning, fucking on a couch, missionary and even 69 if he adjusts himself a bit.