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Updated on Thursday, January 2


QUESTION: Does anyone know if Starlight is any good? Never been and curious about it.


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      Especially disco/80's night

  2. I've been a few times, for bands [Sheezer, Sloan, Joel Plaskett] its great for these kinda bands and shows, drinks are on the pricey side. no idea what the club nights are like, but i think one of the owners of the orange monkey [DJ Charless] DJs every once in a while, he's cool.

  3. I've only been there for the usual club nights, and was there for NYE. It's alright. The music can be hit and miss, but there is a good variety, so there will be something for you over the course of the night. The dance space is small, but isn't usually super packed out, so there is more dance space than somewhere like Pearl/Rev. Drinks are a rip-off ($5) just like anywhere else. I say give it a try!

  4. I love starlight! Definitely go check it out sometime! :)