OMG UPDATE: Question? Answer.

Updated on Wednesday, January 22


QUESTION: I was wondering which company are you all with for car insurance? and why? Thanks!


  1. FWIW I'm with Belairdirect/Nordic.
    Get a bunch of quotes (try sites like Kanetix) and just go with the lowest one. At the end of the day all these banks/companies are basically interchangeable, since the services they provide are so heavily regulated.

  2. TD Meloche Monnex

    it's pretty cheap for my primary insurance and I have no deductible

  3. I'm with Desjardins. they are fine.
    You can compare companies by using
    My quotes from the site were within a few dollars of my actual plan.

  4. I was with TD but they were charging me up the ass... now I'm with Johnson because they are about $100 cheaper for me.

    Does anyone know how much insurance rates might drop when you turn 25 (female, clean record)?