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Updated on Monday, December 16


QUESTION: How do I let someone know I miss them and I'm thinking of them? We're friends and at one point we were possibly going to be something more, but we've both graduated and are no longer in the same place... We haven't stayed in contact since but I think about them and wonder how they are. I see them updating on Facebook all the time and I always have the urge to like and comment on their posts because even though I'm not with them, it makes me happy knowing they are doing well. This seems weird after no contact for so long, though. What do I do??? I'll probably let them be because we can't be in a relationship and they have enough friends. If this were you, would you want to stay in contact?


  1. I used to think this way about people from high school. How it would be weird if I just commented on their status randomly and etc. How they may think that I'm weird and etc. But on the flip side, I thought about it, and tbh I'm so happy when an old friend reaches out to me, even if its just to say hi, so nowadays if I miss someone, I text/fb them right away, to just let them know I'm thinking about them =)

    No matter what, I think people in general appreciate it when others think of them.

    Your situation is a little different since there's romance involved, but I think the general principle still applies

    1. I agree with this!

      Honesty just send them a casual fb message to say hi. I see no harm. I've always appreciated it from people (even people I've had romances with) and I reach out and do the same. It's nice to keep in touch with people and it's stupid to avoid doing it just because you don't know what they are thinking.

  2. How they present themselves on Facebook doesn't mean they're like that in real life. You have to go after what you want.

  3. My usual go to is to facebook message them some thing like this:"HEY!! Its been forever, whats going on? Where are you working/going to school these days?" If they want to talk, they will answer, if they have no interest, and never respond, you can take them off your friend list.