OMG UPDATE: Question? Answer.

Updated on Saturday, December 28


QUESTION: Anyone who took stat 331 know if the book (intro to regression modelling) is worth the money? Thanks!


  1. I would definitely not buy it. Torrent it if you need the explanations

  2. i didn't even know there was a book lol oh god... maybe that's why i did so badly

  3. No. NO. I just remember that was an expensive book that I'm glad I never bought.

    Just like... download "The Elements of Statistical Learning" and read the chapter on methods of linear regression. It will cover all the derivations you need for that class in like 35 pages or so.

    You'd just need to look up the F test and r/r-squared. The rest would maybe be proving the projection matrix is idempotent or something trivial shit like that.

    I just googled the course and this kid has written up the notes:

  4. Never bothered with the book, the lectures were enough.