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Updated on Saturday, December 28


QUESTION: Have you ever cheated/been cheated on? What's your story?


  1. Yeah. A few years ago, when I was new to dating and alcohol, my girlfriend revealed to me that she was basically a big hoe previously. I was a little freaked out, got black out drunk and hit on my girlfriend's friends in my drunken stupor (for 'revenge', I suspect). She was very displeased. Then we went out to the bar a couple weeks later with her friends again and she started playing this passive aggressive game and tried to bait me into disrespecting her again. Eventually I was drunk and agitated by her shit so I said "fuck it", When we were outside in the cold I gave her friend my jacket and placed my arm around the friend to keep her warm. Girlfriend was pissed and dumped me.

    I learned that I can be a dick when I drink. Solution: don't be a dick when I drink. I've been fine since :)

    Another girlfriend wanted to go for a girls night out so I was like "have fun". Next morning she called me at work to say she got drunk and hooked up with some random guy. I was like "nooo, this isn't going to work" and she bawled her eyes out for a couple days until I finally caved and said I'd give her another chance. Anyway, time went on and I could see she was just too irresponsible for my tastes and so I broke up with her a couple months down the road. She lost her shit and went all suicidal. She's fine now, though; just busy being used by the guys she meets at the bar, apparently.

    Another girl... it wasn't quite cheating. We were kind of swaying back and forth between broken up and together. Anyway, she decided to bang this guy who would always hit on her (I had told her that I didn't like him because his intentions were pretty clear) and proceeded to tell me. She said it was 'to get over me'. I was just surprised that she went out of her way to bang a guy just to try to hurt me.

    Anyway... I prefer to code and read about mathematics these days. It's much safer that way.

    1. That second girl sounds terrible..

    2. real-valued smooth functions will never cheat on you my friend :')

    3. Oh god. That last one hits too close to home.

  2. Was banging a girl for some months but we weren't official. One night she was hesitating a lot to have sex. Thought she was mad at me so I persisted. Nope, wasn't mad. After sex, when questioned about reluctance, "I have a boyfriend now." I was pissed she didn't tell me beforehand and stopped seeing her after that. She dumped the guy a couple months later.

  3. Suspect an ex cheated on me, though he asserts very strongly that he did not. Broke up with me and told me he was banging some chick within the week. I had been slightly suspicious of his interactions with her in the past.. this just kinda sealed the deal.

    Though it's entirely possible he really didn't think he was cheating. I've heard a lot of "but we didn't do anything physical until after we broke up" from others. That doesn't excuse your phone sex/flirting for the past month...

  4. I was on the other end. This girl I was hooking up with over co-op had a boyfriend. I wouldn't say we were dating, just sex, no dates or anything relationshipy. When I found out she had a boyfriend I didn't really care personally, but I felt horrible for the boyfriend that will probably never know. We stopped hooking up after I found out, just said I always had other plans.

  5. Was dating a girl, she was in Toronto and I was in Waterloo for 4 months. Been dating about 6 months at this point, got along great in every respect.

    Knew we would be ending it (due to the upcoming very long distance co-op) and started to be a bit of a shit; I made out with some girls in a bar on 2 separate occasions, getting numbers and chatting them up. Realized what I was doing and felt bad about it. Never went any further but I realized that cheating is cheating and I wouldn't do it again. Haven't told her, and probably never will, but I learned my lesson. We broke up (amicably) and I'll see her again next fall.