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Updated on Saturday, December 28


QUESTION: What is your biggest University Exam Miracle?
Phys. 111 -- was 100% sure I failed that course, got mid-80... out of nowhere.


  1. I didn't go to class or do any practice material and failed 2/4 tests (like... I got 20% on one and my friend got 8%) and marginally passed the other two in Actsci 232.

    I pretty much decided (too late) that actsci was the devil in arithmetic form and rote memorization was not something I wanted to waste my university education on.

    I hardcore failed the exam and so did my friend... but the prof mercy passed us both. That was like a ~10% boost. I don't even know. Anyway, somehow never failed a course.

  2. Organic chem - 264
    Got 66 on first midterm, 46 on second midterm.
    After exam, got a final grade of 70.

  3. Prof gave me a 50 in a 4th year CS course where I for sure deserved a 30.
    So pumped.

    1. curious as to which course this was

  4. Passed CS245 thanks to bellcurve

  5. BIOL 303 , ened up with a grade of 100%
    even though I only got 70% for the midterm

  6. BIOL 309 (F'13). Survived because of the bonus marks practically.