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Updated on Monday, December 23


QUESTION: ARBUS STUDENTS: Are the Arbus classes more "business information" based or are they more "accounting" / math type work?
Considering switching into Arbus, but really depends on how much math is involved. Any help would be great :)


  1. Nooooo not accounting at all (except the one accounting course you take which is Arbus 102) overall, it's more business info based from reading, analyzing and applying :) your major (if Econ) is more math based.

  2. ARBUS is a total joke lol the classes are U S E L E S S and no there is no math. At all.
    -ARBUS Student

    1. The type of student to reply like this is definitely not approaching the classes or school in the correct manner.

  3. All "business info" stuff, no math except the one and only accounting class required in first year.

  4. there's no math unless you decide to specialize in economics.
    ALL business stuff and accounting first year can barely be considered accounting. it's more basic than high school accounting.

  5. It's definitely more business-based, unless you plan on majoring in Economics, like the above have said.

    There's a little bit in Accounting, but it's really nothing significant.

  6. Thanks everyone :)