OMG UPDATE: Question? Answer.

Updated on Monday, December 23


QUESTION: Has anyone else heard of a 'TAship' ending before the class ended? I just emailed a TA about outstanding marks from a paper/participation marks since the course ended on Nov 29, to which they said all questions need to be directed to the prof as their job as the TA ended before the 29th.


  1. Yes. TAs are allotted a certain number of hours to work, which they spread out throughout the semester. Profs often take advantage of their students and don't stick to the hours they were supposed to work, and so TAs have been getting stricter on this.

    However, that was a pretty douche move by that TA... it's pretty easy to reply to an email about marks.

  2. Yes, I was TAing and the prof decided to make the final totally multiple choice, so there was no need for my services after the second-last class.