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Updated on Monday, December 16


QUESTION: I want to do jump ropes in CIF, but sadly enough, I can only do it a couple of times before rope hits me and I have to start all over again. Would it be the same thing if I just jumped (without the rope) pretending I do have the rope? As in, would I be getting the benefit of rope-jumping this way or not


  1. Yep. You get just as much of a workout provided you're still jumping high enough, but you don't get the coordination.

  2. You can do the jumping on its own to maintain that aspect of the work out, and then look up coordination workouts that you're more able to complete, and as you progress on the two start jumping rope again.

  3. I was a /very/ clumsy kid so jumping rope resulted in me hitting myself a lot. The way I got better was to first slowly do a two step jump, kind of like prancing, and once I got the hang of that I moved on to the classic jump. I know you didn't ask how to get better at jumping rope but I thought it might help you anyway.

  4. Is it a ridiculous thing to do in PAC weight rooms? If yeah, where is a place I can just do jumps?

    1. There are boxes you can do box/platform jumps on in the PAC weightroom. They have more boxes upstairs in the HPZ.

  5. I jump rope in PAC all the time. Just be conscious of the people around and don't block things with your whirling whip machine.

    To the OP: Just jumping isn't the same. You don't work arms/shoulders because you're not whirling anything and don't use as much core. I'd suggest working up to it or switching to a different warm-up. If you're going to just jump then do box jumps.