OMG UPDATE: Question? Answer.

Updated on Saturday, December 21


QUESTION: 55% calculated final grade in Arbus 101. Will I get kicked out of the program? HELP :(


  1. You have until the end of 1B to get a 70% average in your ARBUS courses (i.e. Econ 101, Arbus 101, Arbus 102, Arbus 202) before they make a final decisions. Just do well next semester and hopefully you can stay in. If you're below the 70 average you can write a letter asking to stay in but there's no guarantee.

  2. Plus you can always take engl210f to bring up your avg I'm the spring term....and even if that fails sweet talk Susan Andrews and she'll still allow you to do coop if you took spring courses to boost up your avg (max 2 courses) -true story happened to my friend.

  3. :( but seriously, I think you'll only be put on probation. work hard in your second semester!

  4. OP here.

    I must admit I didn't try hard but 55%?
    Come on anybody could do better in Arts.

  5. no, not really, I am in Math, can i do good in logical type courses if i try? Probably. Can I write essays the entire term or memorize a bunch of crap no part of me cares about? Hell no.