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Updated on Saturday, December 21


QUESTION: What is the protocol for adding people on facebook that you had a small class with?


  1. add whoever you'd like, if they don't want you they can say no...
    honestly people put too much thought into facebook adding etiquette

    1. What if you come across as creepy and will be in future small classes with them?

    2. ^ Did you talk to them at all and hold at least a short conversation?
      If so then add them and if they find that creepy then you don't want to associate with them anyways.

    3. I talked to them a few times in class and they acknowledged me outside of class when I saw them.

    4. If you plan to see them in future small classes, befriend them!

      Sit near them in class, make friends, pull up Facebook to show them a cool song you posted or something and ask casually with a "Here, let me add you."

  2. For the people you don't like do not not add them...just leave them forever pending until they take away their friend request.