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Updated on Saturday, December 21


QUESTION: Where do you draw the line between being a realist and a dreamer?


  1. I'm like an onion. At my core im a dreamer. then I have a very very thick mantle of realist ingrained in me. Then an outer shell of dreamer again

    1. The line is drawn depending on the person, situation, and place.

      For most things that matter in life and counts for keeps, I'm at the realist level. It's about what you can deliver, or what you can't. Less bullshit, more action. Play to win.

      For the everyday stuff, I'm the dreamer, because you need to pick and choose your battles, no one can win everything =)

  2. "Keep your feet on the ground, when your head's in the clouds."

  3. It's great to have goals, but I personally believe goal should be very general, that will get you going in a direction. Life is of course not a means to an end, but you should enjoy the present, because that's all you have. When you are on that path that you're enjoying; things put themselves together, and if you do not make your specific goal, it will not be a disappointment. Everyone of course has a slightly different direction of realistic.. keep dreaming, because if you humanity couldn't dream, we wouldn't have anything you see today.

  4. I'm a realist to the point of "not being a fucking dickbag to others".

  5. A dreamer belongs to the 99 percent. The ones who let fear hold themselves back from taking great risks and accomplishing or acting on their dreams. A realist is pretty much the same thing minus the dreaming part. The one percent are the people who not only dream but also find a realistic way to achieve them no matter what.