OMG UPDATE: Question? Answer.

Updated on Saturday, December 21


QUESTION: Three Part Question For People In Science:

i) What are you majoring in?

ii)What is your purpose for choosing science?

iii)What career path do you wish to follow? For example, graduate studies, med school, pharm, optom, etc. For those taking up grad school, please specify what you wish to specialize in.

Thanks in advance to those who answer.


  1. i) Biology
    ii) I like biology :)
    iii) No clue! Should probably figure that out... probably something health related

  2. i)biology
    ii)it's interesting
    iii)med school - it's interesting and prestigious

  3. i) honours bio no spec.
    ii) med school
    iii) see above

  4. i) honours science
    ii) I've always found it interesting
    iii) optometry

  5. i) Physics & astronomy
    ii) Investigating reality
    ii) No clue

  6. i) Honours biology
    ii) I like science and find it more enjoyable and easier to succeed in than other subjects.
    iii) Either attending nutrition school to become a registered dietitian or going into plant biology and crop sciences. I like food.

    1. Too bad crop sciences doesn't have anything to do with real food.

    2. In what sense does crop sciences not have anything to do with real food? The point is that I like plant biology and would want to use it to look into food production.

    3. OP here. Actually crop sciences has everything to do with food. Majority of the food industry is based upon crops. Unfortunately, bees, our main pollinators, are dying quicker than their population can reproduce so the population is dwindling. This problem can result in crop viability being jeopardized. A lot of agricultural scientists (i.e. crop scientists) are scrambling to find what is killing the bees. If you save our crops, you save our food industry, and you save our main food source. I commend your passion for food!

  7. i) Physics

    ii) Though quantum was gangster

    iii) No f'n idea (third year)

  8. Not currently in science anymore but

    1) was in biomed
    2) I like studying health
    3) pharmacy because I love learning how medications work :)

  9. (1) Joint Biomed and Psychology
    (2) I like specifically studying science as it pertains to health, and how bodily processes or illnesses affect behaviour.
    (3) Originally planned for med school, but family/future planning and Health restrictions are causing me to consider grad school in Clinical Psych/Counselling Psych... tbh I haven't got a clue how all that works though.

  10. 1) biomed
    2) it's interesting, and was always my highest mark in highschool
    3) I want to go to grad school. I'm looking for something that combines immunology with a little nanotechnology.

  11. 1) Environmental Science, Ecology
    2) I like science & think it's interesting. Chose enviro because I didn't want to go to med school or anything, wanted to focus on animals, the environment, etc instead
    3) Maybe grad school for bio or ecology or marine bio. probs gonna take a year off after i graduate and decide.

  12. 1. Honours Biochemistry co-op
    2. I like knowing how shit works. Science is fucking awesome
    3. Med/Grad School...but secretly deep down I want to be the next Bill Nye

  13. 1. Biomedical Sciences
    2. I love biology! and Science is fricken awesome!
    3. Optom!

    1. Good luck on your interview (if you applied this year)!

  14. 1. Science and business
    2. I find science interesting, thought it would be easier to get a job if I had business as well (and I was right!)
    3. I'm in grad school right now :)

  15. 1. Earth Sciences
    2. I always found the sciences interesting
    3. Work after I graduate, get my P. Geo