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Updated on Saturday, December 14


QUESTION: Thoughts on GEOG 101?


  1. It is an easy class with an amazing instructor. Brent Doberstein is so passionate and friendly… it's impossible not to love him. One of the best profs in the Geography department.

  2. Just don't take it online at Laurier...sooooo bad. They probably taught the same content, but only tested us on who made what theory, and the history of it, and not what the theory actually was. I had to take it because there was no fifth course at UW I could take during the summer. I did horrible on the midterm because UW doesn't give a fuck about who created a theory, we just care about what the theory is, and how to use it. I almost aced the final because they write really easy exams once you know that they don't test you on anything that actually matters. I am not even joking to make Laurier seem bad, it was actually so frustrating, I learned nothing. Just that some random people created some random theories that I didn't have to know.

  3. Well, it's a first year mandatory geog course, of course it's shit simple. Doberstein's a champ though. I really hope he still shows the cane toad documentary.

  4. I took it in the Winter term and I had Khan Rahman. Let me warn you, he was not a very good teacher. He would read everything off the slides. If you have difficulties understanding accents, don't take his class. I understood him, but I have friends that struggled. Overall it is a very easy class, only one major assignment. Take it if you want something easy, but heads up, you will hate the class.

    1. ^ total agreement. I struggled because of not understanding the prof, plus my TA wasn't the best and never responded or showed to office hours.