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Updated on Saturday, December 21


QUESTION: What is your 5 year plan? From this point in life? State age gender and program


  1. Not 5 years, more like 2-3.
    Start work (in a few months)
    Get promoted to SDE 2
    See whether I want to go into management or stay in dev

  2. 5 year plan:
    Get through first year
    Do an exchange to Hong Kong 3B and hopefully learn some mandarin along the way.
    Graduate with a BA in political science with arts and business.
    Hopefully get a job working on public policy/anything politically related. (either through an advocacy group or from government) if not then entry level business job. If either plan fails then masters in political science.
    Hopefully somewhere in there I'll meet a guy and fall in love and stuff.

    If you want to go further: Hopefully one day Law school (after I've actually saved up money to pay for it) and then if I'm lucky a career in provincial politics.

    Also female, 18. My dreams have yet to be crushed by lack of co-op jobs and terrible grades. In 5 years, my answer will probably be very different.

  3. get run over by a bus and die.

  4. Female, 21.
    Graduate from UW. Travel to Australia and live there for 1-2 years. Begin graduate school.

  5. More than 5 year plan:
    Start to learn how to golf well
    Finish undergrad next winter
    Become decent at golf
    Find Masters positon
    Finish Masters
    Be pretty good at golf by now
    Go work in Oil Sands (~5 years)
    Buy Aston Martin, Nissan GT-R and Ford Raptor,
    Come back
    Start company
    Get wife pregnant (got married some time in there)
    Sell first born for Aston Martin/Nissan GT-R/Ford Raptor if I don't already have any one of them
    Get second child, keep him/her
    Get more offspring if wanted
    Retire (in about 30 years)
    Be an extremely good golfer by now
    Die with a statue of myself or a building named after me


    Win lottery
    Buy three vehicles mentioned above
    Finish undergrad
    Finish masters
    learn how to golf
    travel the world
    Die with statue of myself or a building named after me

  6. Kill people
    Burn shit
    Fuck school

    1. hannibal burress yoooooooooooo

  7. Whatever sounds best for the interviewer who's asking the question. I'm in grad school and I still don't think I have enough stability or control of my future to plan 5 years ahead (more than the cursory "work somewhere, marry someone")