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Updated on Saturday, December 21


QUESTION: Is BIOL 373 a lot harder than BIOL 273? Anything to be particularly careful with or aware of?


  1. Same thing, only advice -- read the textbook thoroughly. Pay careful attention to the renal system and inner workings. If you get every aspect of that down pat you'll ace the first midterm.

  2. Harder because there's less material covered from high-school/other introductory courses.

    But yeah, at the end of the day Engelhardt multiple choice is gonna Engelhardt multiple choice so I'd say overall it's kinda like:
    A) Post 1 is correct.
    B) Post 2 is correct.
    C) My post is correct.
    D) A & C
    E) All of the above

    1. YEAH that was awful

    2. I don't know a science or biology class that doesn't do this. Youd think people would be used to it by now.

    3. 3b: Agreed. And there are worse ones... those that have "none of the above" as an option.

  3. I found it to be easier than 273 with Dayeh

  4. 373 is easier (I took it DE). There's still a ton of info but Engelhardt's MC questions are tricky. I got an 84ish in 273 and a 92ish in 373.

    Know the kidneys like the back of your hand. It was a good 25/100 questions on the exam. Don't stress about reproduction because there were maybe 10/100 questions on it. Also there are some old 373 exams that floating around that are really helpful and similar to current exams