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Updated on Tuesday, December 17


QUESTION: Can a shy and introverted person thrive in a Market Research career?


  1. yes.
    During my second term co-op, I was a market research assistant in newyork and there were a lot of people that were very introverted.
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    1. OP here. I didn't think I would actually get a reply to this, so thanks! Do you know if there's a lot of presentations and group work (I sorta run from these two, especially presentations) in the field or is it more individual or one-on-one type work? I've been looking up information about the field and it seems a great part of the position involves presenting your findings to those in the company. Is this true? What did you do in your position? To you, how were the people "introverted?". I'm just trying to figure out if it would fit my personality; I don't want to go into something I will dread or hate. Looking forward to hearing from you. Thank you.

  2. Yes, eventually, you will have to do a presentation, but not in the beginning, Junior research gets paired up with senior researcher, and they usually work on a project, you will most likely be in charge of basic research to get the base, and then it depends on the client and the product you will be getting but you will do what is called hybrid gang. This is composed with gang surveys + FGD sessions, until here, you are not in charge of any presentation, you are observing consumers and making notes and getting stat using SPSS. After all these process is finished you make a report with your senior researcher and it is most likely that senior researcher will visit that company and present the finding. So, in the beginning you don't have to worry to much, and you will learn from the environment, but you are right, there is that presentation part to it but not many. Also, in order to get clients, sometimes, you visit the company in advance to get a contract, but my division already had a lot of clients so, the presentation in the beginning was necessary. People are very introverted, the working environment was like that for me, cubicles, not a lot of meeting, small meeting with your supervisor, but since you are always working on your report, not need to be, if you know what i mean.
    I did everything that said in here except for presentation.