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Updated on Thursday, December 12


QUESTION: Why does it take pharmacist at least 20 minutes to take a prescription out of a cabinet and put a sticker one it?


  1. They have other orders, also they have to check a few things (such as your insurance coverage, any other previous prescriptions, side effects, if dosage written by doctor is correct, etc). Make sure the pharmacist is free too to explain the medication to you when you pick it up. This is all assuming they are doing their proper job...

  2. 2 here... sorry my answer was longer than expected but I thought you needed a thorough answer.

  3. As someone who worked as a Pharmacy Technician, it is sometimes us who count and do the labelling and all that checking stuff, but the Pharmacist has to double check our work to make sure its safe and alright, then sign off on it. But if he is busy with a phone call or there are other patients ahead of you, it can take a bit longer. I've seen people wait 20 min for a prescription where I just had to label the package and do some checkmarks, but there was a huge backlog of people waiting to talk to the Pharmacist and a few prescriptions ahead of them.

    1. I had a detailed answer that's gone now but yes this. I hope OP saw it. Also insurance and problems with the prescription are what cause delays. Basically if there's no problems, the prescription itself can take just a few minutes to prepare but the technicians and pharmacists always have other stuff to do or have to solve some problems with the prescription, which is why it takes so long.