OMG UPDATE: Question? Answer.

Updated on Thursday, December 12


QUESTION: How do you know when you're falling out of love?


  1. When you have to ask the question :p

    Stages of break up key points:
    1. when you first think it yourself [push the feeling away]
    2. first time you say it outloud to a friend
    3. when you first say it outloud in a fight with your SO

    a lot of back and forth trying to fix things


    breakup happens

  2. When you are no longer afraid of losing them.

  3. When they kiss you and you either feel repulsed by it or you are annoyed by it and want it to be over. When you start to resent them and get annoyed by everything they do/have no patience for them whatsoever - you feel bad about it but can't help it.