OMG UPDATE: Question? Answer.

Updated on Thursday, December 12


QUESTION: Does anyone else have a circle of friends where everyone has dated each other? Most of us have known each other since high school and it seems as if everyone is completely ok with the fact that their bf/gf has dated another one of their close friends. I am personally started to get a little uncomfortable when we get together but we've known each other for so long and it is hard to just start over again and find new friends. Advice?


  1. Yes! I'm in the same situation. You get thrown in the middle and have to start choosing sides. I don't know what it's come to for you but it's making me super uncomfortable to the point I can't hang out with some of them anymore.

    I don't really have any advice. I've slowly started hanging out with different people, it's not worth it in my opinion.

  2. This is me as well. It feels rather gross at times since it's as though your "family" has been trading partners over the years...

    I know it's uncomfortable but I think it's not worth going out of your way to find new friends. If you want to hang out less with them then do so, but seems like you guys have been friends for a long time, would be a shame to just leave them behind.