OMG UPDATE: Question? Answer.

Updated on Thursday, December 12


QUESTION: Any thoughts/ opinions on Campus Dentist? I'm considering making an appointment but I don't know/ haven't heard much about them! Much appreciated! :)


  1. I got a cap put on my front tooth after i chipped it and they did a shit job. Colour blending was terrible, it doesn't follow the natural flow of the adjacent teeth (just kinda juts out) and it sticks out deeper (as it is longer vertically) than the adjacent tooth.

    Luckily my orthodontist is going to fix it when I go back

  2. What are you going there for? They're competent enough to do cleanings and other work, and price is alright.

    However, don't go there as a regular patient and get exams done, they'll say you have a crap ton of cavities that need to be treated, but don't actually need to be treated.

    Source: got cheated out of $1400 by them.

  3. I would avoid them.

    I am super involved when it comes to my dental hygiene- brush after every single meal, floss every day, etc. I went to Campus Dentist for the first time having never had a cavity in my 22 years of life. They told me that I had FIVE that needed immediate filling. I asked for my x-rays and brought them to another dentist in town for his opinion- I was in disbelief that I had somehow gone from 0-5 cavities in the span of a year, without any changes to my dental care routine. Unsurprisingly, he strongly disagreed with their diagnosis and said that he couldn't find any cavities.

    I have heard many stories similar to this one. Go somewhere off campus.

  4. The dentist was a bit of a bitch when I went there. Haven't gone back.