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Updated on Wednesday, December 11


QUESTION: Experiences with the Mirena IUD? Pros/cons? Did your guy notice the string?


  1. mine made my testicles shrink

  2. Got it last November.

    Pros: period lightened from being pretty heavy to very light, cramps went away completely. Still not pregnant.

    Cons: difficult to predict period. Spotting often, need pantiliners. When not spotting, discharge volume increase.

    Even ignoring the efficacy of the birth control, the pros outweigh the cons for me. I hated having my period, even with the Diva cup, and would rather deal with heavier discharge than normal and wear pantiliners more often than take the paraguard and risk heavier periods and cramps.

    My guy can't feel the string. If you ask your doc to cut it long so it curls around your cervix, then your peeps shouldn't get poked either.